Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is an aspect of design that some people forget about. It's not the interior of a house so it's sometimes not associated with interior design. However, it is still design. I love driving around looking at houses and admiring the look from the outside. I love looking at landscaping, house colors, and front porches. 

Enhancing the curb appeal of our house is on our to-do list. We love the way our house looks on the outside, but there are some updates we want to do. 

This is our house currently. 

There isn't a ton we want to do, but just enough to make it look updated. We aren't changing anything about the house itself, however, we are getting a new front door. We want to pull up the green bushes by the front window and the big tree by the driveway. The huge bush by the steps needs some serious trimming. We are waiting to see if the leaves fall before we do too much to it. 

Adding some flowers and small shrubbery in the front and along the walkway is also on our list. We would love to do a brick paver along the walkway and the steps and have also talked about adding a railing along the steps and the porch.

These are all things we will change over time. We have a few other projects we want to tackle inside that will probably take priority.

Check back soon for an update on our front door! We are installing it this weekend and I am so excited! 

Thanks for reading!