Why E-Design?

E-design is something that is relatively new and gaining more and more popularity in the interior design world. However, many people are still not clear on what exactly e-design is and why it's a good idea and investment. I talked about what exactly e-design is and what you will get in this post here. Since this is what I love doing, I want to share with you why e-design is a good idea, why you should be considering it, and why you will love it. 

Fist of all, let me tell you why I love interior design. To me its a form of art. Homes are my canvases and decor is my medium. I love to design spaces that are relaxing and inviting and make you feel at home. Your home should be your retreat. It should be a place you want to spend time in and make memories in. I love doing this with my own home, and I love helping others make their home their retreat as well. 

With e-design, it makes it easier for me to work with people anywhere. I live in Ohio, but with e-design I can work with someone in California or Georgia or local people in Ohio. E-design makes it easy to work with people anywhere. It doesn't limit my services to people only in driving distance. I love that about this form of interior design. 

E-design is also less expensive than other design services. Prices for e-design vary with each designer but they typically are less expensive. You can see my services with prices here on my e-design page. I have different storyboard options that you can choose from. Anything from completely redesigning a room, to adding some accessories or developing a color scheme. Whatever it is you need assistance with, there is or can be a storyboard option for you. 

Here is an example of a storyboard for a living room. 

Storyboard Example

This is an example of a Complete Redesign Storyboard. It includes furniture, paint color, and accessories. That's what great about a storyboard. It shows you what your room will look like before you purchase any of the items. That way you will see what it will all look like put together, rather than just a list of items. 

When you purchase a storyboard you will fill out a questionnaire where you will tell me what exactly you need. It will ask you your style, your needs for the room, if you have pets and need things to be pet friendly, your budget, everything I need to know to customize a room specially for you. One revision is included with each storyboard so if there is something you don't like about your first storyboard you don't have to buy another one. You can let me know what you want to change and you will receive another one for free. Everything is designed for YOU. 

The best thing about e-design, in my opinion, is that you can execute the design in your own time. If you need to save up to purchase some items you can. You don't have to buy everything all at once. You can take your time putting the look together. If you want to do it over a couple months you can or if you want to do it all at once you can do that as well. It's up to you! Once you purchase the storyboard and you receive it, it's yours. Forever. 

Another benefit to executing the design in your own time is that you can DIY anything from the storyboard that you want to. I mentioned in this post about a bedroom makeover where the client wanted to DIY the art work above their bed and it looks amazing! If you are a DIYer like me you know how much fun it is to make something yourself. With e-design you can do that! You can also mention in the questionnaire that you want DIY projects and I can implement that into your design. 

With your storyboard you will receive a shopping list with all the items from your storyboard. Each item will have a link so all you will have to do is click and purchase. This is a huge benefit of e-design. It makes it all so easy for you to put together the design. 

So, why e-design? It's inexpensive. It's a more economical route to take for interior design services. You can execute it in your own time. You can save up before purchasing the items from your storyboard. You can also implement DIY's into your design if you want. It makes purchasing items easy. With a shopping list made out for you, all you have to do is click and purchase. If you don't like your fist storyboard, you get a revision for free. You get to see your room put together on your storyboard before you purchase any of the items. If you don't like a certain item or want to change something, it's no problem. You get a free revision. You don't have to be local. E-design makes it easy for me to design spaces from anywhere. It's all virtual so you don't have to be local. 

I hope this helped you understand e-design better and why I love it. If you are interested in your own storyboard, head over to my e-design page. If you have any other questions, comment below or contact me on my contact page. I would love to hear from you!

Thanks for reading!