Bathroom Reveal

It's time to finally reveal our full bath remodel! I'm so excited to share the final product with you all. We worked so hard on it, when I say we I mean my husband, and I love the way it turned out! Here is the storyboard I created for the full bath. 

Bathroom Storyboard

Here's a refresh on what the bathroom looked like before. 

And here is the bathroom now!

I absolutely love the way it turned out! It is exactly what I had in my mind. 

I really wanted to incorporate some copper, since it's so popular right now, and I thought this was the perfect space to add some touches of it. It's not overwhelmingly copper, but I used some glass canisters with copper accents, and a copper trash can. I also wanted to add in some black accents. As you can see from the rest of my home I love black accents. I used black wire baskets under the vanity and on one of the shelves, which also have some black accents, a black toilet paper holder, and some black hooks. I think the black really pops against the light walls. 

We had to add new vanity feet because the ones that came with it didn't feel very sturdy and it made the vanity too tall. So, we got these vanity legs from Home Depot and painted them white to match the vanity. 

Speaking of the vanity, man this thing caused some problems. As I just mentioned, the vanity legs were not sturdy at all and actually broke a little bit while we were trying to stand it up. It was also really tall. We aren't super tall people and the space isn't very big so the tall vanity seemed out of place in our bathroom. Also, the vanity top doesn't sit completely on the vanity. It pretty much sits on only the corners. We used an adhesive to attached it so it's secure, but I would prefer it to be touching all four sides of the vanity top. Overall I love the way the vanity looks. It was a good price, and I think it shows in the quality of it. But it does work and looks great in the space. 

I am so happy with the way the bathroom turned out! John did such a great job with everything! He is so awesome with executing all of my design dreams and making them look better than I imagined. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing the before and after pictures of this bathroom remodel. Let me know what you think of the end result in the comments!

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Toilet paper holder (Similar)



Bathroom Update

Happy 2018! I can't believe it's already the new year! I have so much planned for the year, new projects, more home decor inspiration, lifestyle and fashion, a little bit of everything! 

So with that said, I want to do an update on our bathroom remodel. It's not finished but I wanted to share some progress photos.

We've painted the walls and the doors, ripped everything out, including the old floors, relocated the vanity pipes to the wall, and tiled the floors. And, when I say "we" I really mean my husband. He has been awesome with all of my remodel ideas. I helped paint, but other than that it's been all him! Here's some pictures of the progress!


Our next steps would be adding the new trim, installing the new toilet and vanity, caulking around the tub, putting the door knobs back on, and adding the hooks to the wall behind the door. After that it's time to start decorating! We will be adding some shelves behind the toilet which I'm excited to style. I still have to pick out and purchase a mirror, so that's my mission. The one from my storyboard is no longer available at my Hobby Lobby and I'd rather not pay for the shipping to order it online. I still need to purchase the rugs and a toilet paper holders and then I think we will have everything we need for it. I love the way it's turning out!

I can't wait to share the after photos! 

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Kitchen Reveal

I'm finally writing this post! I'm so excited to share our kitchen reveal with you! We still have a few things we want to do, but it is a huge difference from where it was! We didn't do anything structural, it was just cosmetic. We lucked out with our kitchen having pretty decent cabinets, just not our color choice, and nice black granite counters. So we got to keep those two things and just paint and change out hardware! 

Ok, here are the before pictures. 

So this was our kitchen before we updated it. The only thing we had changed was the wall color. It was red on the wall by the stove and a beige color on the other wall by the fridge. We painted the whole downstairs the same color, Silver Strand by Sherwin Williams. I love this color.

Here is our kitchen now, after paint and new hardware. 

The cabinet color is Extra White by Sherwin Williams and the hardware was from Amazon. We had such a hard time finding these cabinet handles. I searched everywhere and finally found them on Amazon. The drawer pulls were also from Amazon. 

So with a few coats of paint and a lot of hard work, we transformed our kitchen to a light and bright cooking space. 

There are still a few things we want to do, such as install a backsplash. I want to do a subway tile backsplash with darker grout. We also want to either replace the pantry doors or paint them and we will be adding white trim when we install new floors. Eventually we want to replace the appliances with stainless steel and maybe get a new sink faucet. I would love to get a new ceiling light as well. The one we currently have doesn't give off the best light and it's a bit outdated. 

As you can see, some white paint can go a long way when updating your kitchen. Since we didn't replace the cabinets or counters, this was a reasonably inexpensive project. It was a lot of work, but it was so worth it!

Here is a list of sources for our kitchen:


Cabinet door handles

Drawer pulls

Kitchen rug- Target 

Olive oil dispenser- World Market (Can no longer find online)

Wooden crate- TJ Maxx

"You Wash I'll Dry" Sign- Hobby Lobby

Cookbook holder- Hobby Lobby

Ceramic Cow- Kohls


I hope you enjoyed seeing this before and after of our kitchen! If you have any other questions that I may not have answered feel free to comment below or come find me on instagram @stylenestinteriors and we can chat there :)

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Bathroom Reveal

I am so excited to write this post! We have finished our half bath remodel and it looks like a whole new bathroom. I am so happy with the way it turned out. My husband is amazing for going along with all my design ideas and implementing them perfectly. He worked so hard on this room and I love it! 

Here is what our bathroom looked like before. 

The bathroom was livable. It had a working toilet and sink and was clean. But as far as style was concerned, it was far from mine. I had visions of clean, light, simple, and a touch of farmhouse charm. 

We went back and forth on replacing the vanity or not, and ultimately decided it needed to go. New floors, paint, vanity, and a new toilet were all on our list for this bathroom project. I knew what I wanted and we got to work! By we I really do mean John. I helped some with the shiplap and trim, but other than that it was really a one person job. The room is so small only one person could be in there working comfortably at a time. 

This is our half bath now. 

I am so happy with the way it turned out! It is exactly how I envisioned it. I got my shiplap (happy dance) and it looks great!

It took me awhile to pick out the paint color and I love what we chose. We used Sherwin Williams Fleur De Sel. It's a perfect light grey that makes the room feel larger than it is. 

We are going to replace our outlets and light switches so that they are white. We also have a new light fixture coming, it was delayed by about 3 months, and that will be the final touch. 

I will link all of our items at the bottom of this post. 

I will do another post going through the whole process, more of a step by step. I will also be doing a shiplap tutorial. This was our first time installing shiplap so we are no experts, but I will share how we did ours for anyone who is interested. 

We had so much fun designing and doing this project ourselves. I'm excited to start our next project!

Thanks for reading!


Vanity- Wayfair

Faucet- Home Depot

Towel Ring- Home Depot

Toilet Paper Holder- Home Depot

Mirror- Hobby Lobby

Tile- Home Depot

Toilet- Home Depot

Trash Can- Target

Toilet Paper Basket- Target Dollar Spot

Vases- TJ Maxx and World Market

Hand Towel- Marshalls

Paint- Sherwin Williams